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The Best Thing You Learned From Mom

  What’s the best thing you learned from Mom? Tell us and all of East Idaho in honor of your mother for Moth­ers Day.



Pinterest: What's The Best Thing You've Found

  What’s the best thing you’ve found on Pin­ter­est? A recipe? A gar­den­ing tip? Cute shoes? We’re mak­ing the Pin­ter­est KLCE Lis­tener Best Of board.  What would you add to it?



What's The Craziest Thing Your Kid Ever Swallowed

  An Ore­gon tod­dler swal­lowed 37 mag­nets. She’s going to be just fine.  What is the cra­zi­est thing your kid ever swallowed?



What Is The Most Annoying Thing At Your Office

What is the most annoy­ing thing at your office?  Burned pop­corn smell…long meetings…loud co-workers?  Who has the most annoy­ing office in East Idaho?