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The Best Thing You Learned From Mom

  What’s the best thing you learned from Mom? Tell us and all of East Idaho in honor of your mother for Mothers Day.



Pinterest: What's The Best Thing You've Found

  What’s the best thing you’ve found on Pin­ter­est? A recipe? A gar­den­ing tip? Cute shoes? We’re mak­ing the Pin­ter­est KLCE Lis­tener Best Of board.  What would you add to it?



What's The Craziest Thing Your Kid Ever Swallowed

  An Ore­gon tod­dler swal­lowed 37 mag­nets. She’s going to be just fine.  What is the cra­zi­est thing your kid ever swallowed?



What Is The Most Annoying Thing At Your Office

What is the most annoy­ing thing at your office?  Burned pop­corn smell…long meetings…loud co-workers?  Who has the most annoy­ing office in East Idaho?