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Three weeks to Christmas Eve

Time seems to speed up this time of year, no doubt. Estimate what percentage of your Christmas shopping is done. Don’t be embarrassed.



More School Time? Good Idea?




Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Is It Time For "The Talk"

  Dear Mike & Liza, Have you seen the Ragu commercial?  I ask because, that happened to my husband and me, last week.  Our children are 10, 8 and 6.  Our 10 year old surprised us during a romantic interlude.  My husband thinks we should sit down with him and talk about it.  He says […]



Make It Rain

  Help us make it rain.  If we all do a little rain dance – or at least listen to a rain song and think rain thoughts, at the same time Monday morning, can we make it rain in east Idaho?  Let’s put out the fires, clear the air and get a little rain to […]



Mom Are You Feeling More Guilty Lately

  Working moms say they feel more guilty in June than the rest of the year.  Why?  It’s a combination of things. First, it’s the end of the school year.  This means school programs, plays, class parties, field trips, picnics and even Pre-School graduation (Pre-School Graduation?)  Working moms report feeling guilty if they can’t make […]



Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: Date Night Is A Dud

Dear Mike & Liza, Every time we have a date night my husband wants to go to a movie.  I’d like to be able to actually have a conversation with him.  Do you consider a movie date quality time and if not, what do you suggest? Pamela, Ammon



30 By 30

30 Things Every Woman Should Have & Know By The Time She’s 30 What would you add to the list? 1. One old boyfriend you can imagine going back to and one who reminds you of how far you’ve come. 2. A decent piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in your family. […]



Spring ahead this weekend

It is hard to believe that Spring officially begins in less than two weeks. We’ve hardly had a winter, but I’m ok with that to be honest. And we Spring ahead to Daylight Savings Time this weekend.



Is It OK for Mom To Be Mean To Santa

In the new Best Buy commercials Moms are being pretty rude to Santa.  Are the Moms too mean, or is it about time Mom gets a little credit for all she does at Christmas?



Two weeks to Thanksgiving? You're kidding me.

Where has time gone this year? Seems like Halloween was just yesterday and it was 85 degrees  just a couple of weeks ago. Oh, wait, maybe it was. As we apparently go from Summer to Winter extremely quickly here in East Idaho. -Paul