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Dangit! I Forgot To Do _________ This Summer

What did you MEAN to do this sum­mer, but some­how the time just got away from you?  Liza wanted to plant a cou­ple flower beds.  Mike meant to have more BBQ’s and play more Fris­bee.  What did you “for­get” to do this summer?      



9/11 coverage

I watched some of the 9/11 10th anniver­sary cov­er­age. I thought most of the net­works and cable net­works did a good job with the cov­er­age, it was taste­ful and sub­dued, not hyped up like the way most other news is. I think it is time to move on, while not ever for­get­ting. Did you watch […]



How do you keep the Me in Mommy?

Moms, are you feel­ing over­whelmed, unfo­cused and emo­tional? Is it because you don’t have enough “Me” time? How do you keep the “Me” in Mommy?