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What Were You Spanked With

What did you get spanked with?  Liza’s mom never used any­thing but her hand.  Mike’s dad, an engi­neer at the site, used a mod­i­fied orange Tup­per­ware cut­ting board.  Did you get pad­dled, spanked with a wooden spoon, get sent out to cut your own switch?  Tell us what you were spanked with here and 6:45 […]



Shopping Parties: Socializing Without Spending

  You get invited to them all the time:  Pam­pered Chef, Tup­per­ware, Mary Kay, Miche Bags, Cabi, Lia Sophia…Shopping Par­ties! Should you go if you want to social­ize, but don’t want to spend?  Will the host­ess be angry?  Is it rude to the pre­sen­ter?  What do you do when you’re invited to a shop­ping party?