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Do You Want A Valentine Gift

Do you want a gift for Valentine’s Day? 17 % of adults in committed relationships say they don’t want a gift this Friday or are skipping the holiday all together. How does East Idaho compare to this national number?  Tell us if you want a gift this Valentine’s Day here, and 6:45 tomorrow morning.



Are You Anti-Valentines Day

  Are you Anti-Valentines Day?         Marriage Mender Gina Judd says to make sure you and your partner fill one another up all days, not just Valentines Day, you may want to remember the word ARE. Accessible – Are you accessible to your partner? Responsive – Are you responsive to what your […]



What Are You Giving Your Man For Valentine's Day

What are you giving your man for Valentine’s Day?  It can be a little tricky. Share your ideas with east Idaho.  And if you’re stumped, we have a few suggestions in Sports, Sentimental & Steamy categories. Get Valentine inspired tomorrow morning at 6:45.