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What's In Your Wardrobe

  Did the cooler tem­per­a­tures give you a whole new wardrobe, or did you open your closet and think “I have noth­ing to wear.” Some women love the sum­mer clothes — flirty fun sun­dresses and strappy san­dals.  Some women love their fall wardrobe — boots, jeans and warm sweaters.  When do you look your best?  



Wardrobe Items Your Man Wants You To Throw Out

  Ladies, before you switch to your sum­mer wardrobe, we’ll tell you what your man wants you to throw out. Any­thing from your closet spring to mind?   Rival team jer­seys Say, for exam­ple, that your guy is a Yan­kees fan. That Red Sox jer­sey you have may be one for the “toss it” pile. If you […]