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It's Idaho Falls Cleanup Week

Idaho Falls Cleanup week will take place May 5-12. The annual event is a chance for city residents to get rid of unwanted items conveniently and safely. Common household products such as paint, cleaners, batteries and pesticides all contain corrosive, toxic, ignitable or reactive ingredients – all potentially hazardous – that require special care when thrown […]



Things that are bad for us

First it is sugary soft drinks this week, now it is red meat that a new study says causes cancer. I guess just about everything is bad for us. Do you eat red meat, and how many days a week if you do?



Win The Slanket This Week On Battle Of The Sexes

  This week you can win the original, and the best, blanket with sleeves, The Slanket.  Mike & Liza love this thing.  You’ll stay toasty warm all winter, snuggled up under your Slanket.  Play and win Battle Of The Sexes, with Mike & Liza, at 7:45 weekday mornings, and you will be the proud owner […]