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Speak Up Or Miss Out

  Is being hum­ble hold­ing you back?  How do you pro­mote your­self in the work­place? Com­ment here. The secret to female suc­cess may be more boast­ing. A new study shows that while women have no trou­ble pro­mot­ing a friend and his or her accom­plish­ments, they tend to down­play their own achieve­ments. The researchers con­cluded that societal […]



How Do You Handle "Gymtimidation"

  How do you han­dle “gym­tim­i­da­tion?” A new sur­vey by Cosmopoli­tan Body finds that women are twice as likely as men to find the gym intim­i­dat­ing. Four­teen per­cent of women say they worry that male gym­go­ers will judge them, while 10 per­cent fear their female coun­ter­parts. A whop­ping 47 per­cent of women also admit to avoid­ing the weights area […]



Bell Photographers Spelling Bee

What Today’s Women Want and Bell Pho­tog­ra­phers have teamed up to help local schools with an all-area spelling bee.  80 stu­dents in grades 3rd through 6th (20 in each grade) will com­pete at their grade lev­els in a spelling bee to win prizes for them­selves and cash for their school. The stu­dents will be asked […]