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Speak Up Or Miss Out

  Is being humble holding you back?  How do you promote yourself in the workplace? Comment here. The secret to female success may be more boasting. A new study shows that while women have no trouble promoting a friend and his or her accomplishments, they tend to downplay their own achievements. The researchers concluded that […]



How Do You Handle "Gymtimidation"

  How do you handle “gymtimidation?” A new survey by Cosmopolitan Body finds that women are twice as likely as men to find the gym intimidating. Fourteen percent of women say they worry that male gymgoers will judge them, while 10 percent fear their female counterparts. A whopping 47 percent of women also admit to avoiding the weights area […]



Bell Photographers Spelling Bee

What Today’s Women Want and Bell Photographers have teamed up to help local schools with an all-area spelling bee.  80 students in grades 3rd through 6th (20 in each grade) will compete at their grade levels in a spelling bee to win prizes for themselves and cash for their school. The students will be asked […]