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NFL Playoffs Begin This Weekend

Which team do you think will win it all this year? Seattle, Washington, Green Bay, Minnesota, San Francisco, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Houston, New England, Denver, Baltimore or Indianapolis?



Taking Down The Tree

When do you take down the Christmas tree?  Myken told us she doesn’t put her tree up until the 11th of December and added “You didn’t ask but I also like to take my tree down December 26th. And even got busted last year cleaning up decorations Christmas DAY!” When do you take your Christmas tree […]



Michael Buble Christmas Special Tonight

It’s on at 9 on NBC. Last year his special was really good.



What Happened To Christmas Cards

What happened to personal, handwritten Christmas cards?  Liza got her first Christmas Card of the season – a photo montage, with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year printed on the bottom.  It wasn’t even signed.  Does anyone write Christmas cards anymore?



Make & Stick To A Holiday Budget

You can make and stick to a Christmas budget this year.  Download our Christmas budget spreadsheet and find out how much you really spend on friends, family, decorations and even food.



Should You Get A Flu Shot

Should you get a flu shot?  Corbin Bunnage, MS, PA-C with Idaho Urgent Care will tell you who needs a flu shot and how many people die every year from influenza.  



Do You Think You Have The Right Name

  Do you think you have the right name?  Liza knows a 10 year old boy named Gabe, who introduces himself as Gus.  He told her “I just feel more like a Gus.”  Did you change your name or do you feel like your name suits you?



What Are Your First Day Of School Traditions

Liza stays home to get the kids out the door on the 1st day of school every year.  She like to make them special pancakes and pack their lunches with love.  What are your 1st day of school traditions? And check our Pinterst Board for lots of great Back To School ideas.



Idol Top Eight

If you are an Idol watcher this year, who do you think will win it? Colton, Deandre, Hollie, Jessica, Shannon, Joshua, Phillip or Skylar?



Taxes due soon

Taxes will be due April 17th. Or maybe you get a big refund every year. If you do, they say you are just lending the government money. Do you owe or are expecting a refund? Have you started to work on them, or are you already done? -Paul