The Science Of Rock Paper Scissors



Is there a strat­egy to win­ning “Rock Paper Scis­sors?”  A new study says there is.
What did the researchers find? The play­ers who won the first round of a game tended to repeat their same pat­tern of moves in sub­se­quent rounds. Play­ers who lost were more likely to switch their moves in a “clock­wise direc­tion” (going from rock to paper, paper to scis­sors, or scis­sors to rock). The take-away is that if a player loses a round by offer­ing up a “rock,” he/she is more likely to play “paper” the next time. If a player wins a round by play­ing the rock hand, it’s more likely that he/she will “play rock” again.
Got it? To win, just pay atten­tion to what your oppo­nent just played. Then you can antic­i­pate what your oppo­nent will do next, and play the hand that will beat that move.




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