Want To Know If Your Death Is Near


A new blood test can tell if your death is immi­nent.  Would you want to know?

Finnish and Eston­ian researchers report that they have iden­ti­fied spe­cific lev­els of four chem­i­cals cir­cu­lat­ing in the blood that offer a reli­able sig­nal that death is near. The four har­bin­gers of death can be read­ily detected in a blood sam­ple, and are even pre­dic­tive when seen in appar­ently healthy peo­ple. The study sug­gests that sev­eral poten­tially deadly con­di­tions — includ­ing can­cer and car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­ease — may share ori­gins that have been hid­den in plain sight. If read­ily detectable phys­i­o­log­i­cal clues could warn of many dan­ger­ous con­di­tions at once, the same blood test might enable an early death to be averted.


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