Wardrobe Items Your Man Wants You To Throw Out


Ladies, before you switch to your summer wardrobe, we’ll tell you what your man wants you to throw out.

Anything from your closet spring to mind?


Rival team jerseys
Say, for example, that your guy is a Yankees fan. That Red Sox jersey you have may be one for the “toss it” pile. If you don’t really care about the team, why stoke the fire? The one exception: If you’re really into the rival team, and the sartorial expression of your loyalty can be a source of playful rivalry. Then by all means keep it.

Ex-boyfriend’s clothes
Even if that worn-in T-shirt feels like silk, it does send a message no guy wants to get. If you’ve still got a few items from your former flame’s closet, that’s an easy way to make more room for some presents your new guy might get you.

Clothes with writing on the butt
It’s hard to imagine that this was ever a good idea but let’s be clear:  Oversized sweatpants, or even tight sweatpants, with words across the behind have no place in your fabulous wardrobe.

Harem pants
If stick-thin runway models look kind of strange in these, the alarm bells should be going off. Some stars may have been convinced by their stylists to give them a try, but the average person should stay away. Guys, quite rightly, don’t get it.

Heels you can’t walk in
A gorgeous high heel is a work of art, but let’s face it, when you can barely walk in your shoes something is lost. Guys love a woman who is, “confident enough to wear flats.” Interesting.

Undergarments that false advertize
I understand the impulse on this one. Why not get a bra that gives you a C-cup if you’re really an A? Underpinning should be more about subtle enhancement rather then building a structure that’s not there. If a guy really likes you, he’s going to like the real you — without all the padding.

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