Wardrobe Items Your Man Wants You To Throw Out


Ladies, before you switch to your sum­mer wardrobe, we’ll tell you what your man wants you to throw out.

Any­thing from your closet spring to mind?


Rival team jer­seys
Say, for exam­ple, that your guy is a Yan­kees fan. That Red Sox jer­sey you have may be one for the “toss it” pile. If you don’t really care about the team, why stoke the fire? The one excep­tion: If you’re really into the rival team, and the sar­to­r­ial expres­sion of your loy­alty can be a source of play­ful rivalry. Then by all means keep it.

Ex-boyfriend’s clothes
Even if that worn-in T-shirt feels like silk, it does send a mes­sage no guy wants to get. If you’ve still got a few items from your for­mer flame’s closet, that’s an easy way to make more room for some presents your new guy might get you.

Clothes with writ­ing on the butt
It’s hard to imag­ine that this was ever a good idea but let’s be clear:  Over­sized sweat­pants, or even tight sweat­pants, with words across the behind have no place in your fab­u­lous wardrobe.

Harem pants
If stick-thin run­way mod­els look kind of strange in these, the alarm bells should be going off. Some stars may have been con­vinced by their styl­ists to give them a try, but the aver­age per­son should stay away. Guys, quite rightly, don’t get it.

Heels you can’t walk in
A gor­geous high heel is a work of art, but let’s face it, when you can barely walk in your shoes some­thing is lost. Guys love a woman who is, “con­fi­dent enough to wear flats.” Interesting.

Under­gar­ments that false adver­tize
I under­stand the impulse on this one. Why not get a bra that gives you a C-cup if you’re really an A? Under­pin­ning should be more about sub­tle enhance­ment rather then build­ing a struc­ture that’s not there. If a guy really likes you, he’s going to like the real you — with­out all the padding.

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