Was Your First Kiss A Disaster

Was your fist kiss a disaster?  Share your first kiss story with us here.  It’s time to kiss and tell.

“My most embarrassing kiss was also my first kiss. I was at camp, and after dating for about three days — which is four years in camp time — my boyfriend and I headed to make-out point. We were holding hands, giggling and then the time came. I closed my eyes, moved closer and stuck out my tongue the way I’d seen it done in movies. He gently patted me on the shoulder and told me I was making out with his neck.” 
—Lisa, 24

“My best friend Blake and I decided to see what kissing was all about. But we were a little too enthusiastic — we bumped faces so hard that my lip started bleeding … a lot. I had to explain to my teacher and then my mom why I had a fat lip. I didn’t try again for a long time.”—Alexandria, 22

“I had a bad stomach virus, and the cute guy I liked had come over to keep me company. After he’d been there for a while, I started feeling better — or so I thought. When he went to give me a kiss goodbye, I kind of burp-puked on his lips. He screamed and ran to the kitchen to clean up. I was speechless.” —Keisha, 38



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