What Do You Make In Your Waffle Iron

Mike made Schmoopy break­fast in bed “Pin­ter­est Style.” He put the refrig­er­ated cin­na­mon roll dough in the waf­fle iron and driz­zled the cream cheese frost­ing over it. Delicious!

What can you make in your waf­fle iron?

Here’s another deli­cious recipe — try it today.

1 Box DUNCAN HINES Chewy Fudge Pre­mium Brownie Mix
3 Large Eggs
5 Tbsp. But­ter, melted
2 Tbsp. Water
Mix all ingre­di­ents until well blended, about 30 sec­onds or 60 strokes by hand.
Spray your waf­fle iron with Non­stick cook­ing spray.
Spread bat­ter just to edges of grid­dle. Not too deeply pud­dled — it will rise and spread a bit, and there’s nowhere for it to go but OUT.
Cook to well done.
When you’re sat­is­fied they’re done, open the iron, and let the brown­ies cool for about 45 sec­onds to a minute, tak­ing the “Open time” oppor­tu­nity while the crumb is not com­pletely set to use a knife edge or spat­ula edge to sep­a­rate the indi­vid­ual waf­fles or Bel­gian quar­ters.
Stick a fork under an edge or through the cen­ter by way of the edge to lift and remove.
Serve hot off the grill with a dust­ing of pow­dered sugar, a dol­lop of whipped top­ping, and a driz­zle of choco­late syrup, or….

1/2 Stick But­ter
1/2 Cup Creamy Peanut But­ter
1/2 Cup Con­fec­tion­ers Suger
1 tsp. Vanilla extract
dash of Salt
Cream but­ter and peanut but­ter with elec­tric beat­ers until smooth; add vanilla and salt and beat until com­bined; scrape down sides, add half the sugar and beat until incor­po­rated; add remain­ing sugar, care­fully beat on low to incor­po­rate, then beat on high until fluffy.
You can glop it on with a spoon, get fancy with a pip­ing bag, or meet in the mid­dle by spoon­ing it into a ziplock sand­wich bag, snip­ping off a cor­ner, and squeez­ing it onto the warm brownies.



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