What Makes Your Job Great

Worst Boss Ever

A preg­nant woman says her boss made her clock out every time she needed to use the bath­room.  Kristi’s doc­tor ordered her to drink more water, which increased her trips to the bath­room.  Her employer has a pol­icy which allows two 15 min breaks and a 30 min lunch.  Kristi ended up using her vaca­tion time just so she could use the bath­room.  And was then fired a month and a half after the birth of her baby.  Clink the link below to read the full story.

After hear­ing about this story I am so thank­ful for my job!  What makes your job great?  Peo­ple?  Employer?  Do you do what you love for a living?


Preg­nant Worker Fired For Bath­room Breaks


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