What Would You Do With $1000

The John­son fam­ily won $1000 this year with our Classy Cash Call.  They used the money to travel to Cal­i­for­nia and wel­come their daugh­ter home from her mil­i­tary deployment.


July 14, 2012

Dear Friends at KLCE,

As we have returned from our trip to Cal­i­for­nia to see our daughter’s home­com­ing from her deploy­ment our thoughts again have turned to our radio fam­ily KLCE. Because of the $1000 that we received from KLCE Cash Call we were able to be there as a fam­ily for that long awaited occa­sion; a moment that prob­a­bly would never have been pos­si­ble with­out your gen­eros­ity. Words are not ade­quate to express our thanks and grat­i­tude. We share some of our many pho­tos that have cap­tured just a glimpse of the joy and emo­tion we expe­ri­enced. We only wish that a photo could speak not only a 1000 words but could also con­vey the feel­ings within our hearts.

As we waited, along with hun­dreds of other fam­i­lies, the antic­i­pa­tion grows and one begins to real­ize the sac­ri­fice of not only those who defend this great nation but also the sac­ri­fices of their fam­i­lies. Posters with painted lit­tle hands made and held by chil­dren who have gone to bed each night for months with­out that “Good Night Kiss” are seen through­out the crowd. The chil­dren are hardly able to con­tain them­selves. It is like Christ­mas times ten. Other posters and ban­ners held by so many can be seen every­where.  “Wel­come Home”  “We Love you Mom or Dad” “We Sup­port Our Troops” “We Missed You” The words so numer­ous yet they all relay the same message.

Look over there. A mother holds an infant who awaits being held by his or her father for the very first time. Over here stands a girl who is someone’s fiancé. She holds back the tears as to not blem­ish the mas­cara. The emo­tional faces are seen in every direc­tion. Mother after mother can be seen look­ing so beau­ti­ful yet as exhausted as they have been the soul par­ent to hold things together while Dad serves in far­away places doing what he has vol­un­teered to do.

At last the moment arrives. Heli­copters can be heard in the dis­tance. Then they come into view.  There are 23 air­crafts in all. Each filled to capac­ity with the most pre­cious cargo of all. Vet­er­ans stand at atten­tion hold­ing the Great Red, White and Blue. The excite­ment can barely be con­tained. Every­one is on their feet and Stars and Stripes can be seen wav­ing every­where. We feel so proud to be Amer­i­cans. The air­crafts file in pre­ces­sion; some rolling on wheels oth­ers hov­er­ing just above the ground until they reach their posi­tion on the land­ing field. The roars of the engines are loud and you feel the awe­some power of our great mil­i­tary force. Then in a sin­gle moment all 23 Birds shut off their engines and it is silent but for a moment. Then the cheers of the crowd seem to match the deci­bels of the air­crafts before. Our troops are safely home!!!!!!!!

The sol­diers file into for­ma­tion and the Com­mand­ing Offi­cer from­Camp­Pendle­ton­walks out to meet the Com­mand­ing Offi­cer of the return­ing troops. Salu­ta­tion are given and the words “Wel­come Home Sol­diers, You are DISMISSED” is fol­lowed by an unstop­pable rush of peo­ple rac­ing to greet their loved one. Hugs, kisses and tears of joy were in no short sup­ply. We found our Marine and was she ever sur­prised to see us. She had no idea that we would be there. We can­not imag­ine not have been there and we want to thank our KLCE Fam­ily and friends for help­ing make it pos­si­ble. Hope you enjoy the pho­tos. We love you all. Again, Thanks so much!!!!

Cur­tis and Sheri John­son and Family



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