What Would You Do With $1000

The Johnson family won $1000 this year with our Classy Cash Call.  They used the money to travel to California and welcome their daughter home from her military deployment.


July 14, 2012

Dear Friends at KLCE,

As we have returned from our trip to California to see our daughter’s homecoming from her deployment our thoughts again have turned to our radio family KLCE. Because of the $1000 that we received from KLCE Cash Call we were able to be there as a family for that long awaited occasion; a moment that probably would never have been possible without your generosity. Words are not adequate to express our thanks and gratitude. We share some of our many photos that have captured just a glimpse of the joy and emotion we experienced. We only wish that a photo could speak not only a 1000 words but could also convey the feelings within our hearts.

As we waited, along with hundreds of other families, the anticipation grows and one begins to realize the sacrifice of not only those who defend this great nation but also the sacrifices of their families. Posters with painted little hands made and held by children who have gone to bed each night for months without that “Good Night Kiss” are seen throughout the crowd. The children are hardly able to contain themselves. It is like Christmas times ten. Other posters and banners held by so many can be seen everywhere.  “Welcome Home”  “We Love you Mom or Dad” “We Support Our Troops” “We Missed You” The words so numerous yet they all relay the same message.

Look over there. A mother holds an infant who awaits being held by his or her father for the very first time. Over here stands a girl who is someone’s fiancé. She holds back the tears as to not blemish the mascara. The emotional faces are seen in every direction. Mother after mother can be seen looking so beautiful yet as exhausted as they have been the soul parent to hold things together while Dad serves in faraway places doing what he has volunteered to do.

At last the moment arrives. Helicopters can be heard in the distance. Then they come into view.  There are 23 aircrafts in all. Each filled to capacity with the most precious cargo of all. Veterans stand at attention holding the Great Red, White and Blue. The excitement can barely be contained. Everyone is on their feet and Stars and Stripes can be seen waving everywhere. We feel so proud to be Americans. The aircrafts file in precession; some rolling on wheels others hovering just above the ground until they reach their position on the landing field. The roars of the engines are loud and you feel the awesome power of our great military force. Then in a single moment all 23 Birds shut off their engines and it is silent but for a moment. Then the cheers of the crowd seem to match the decibels of the aircrafts before. Our troops are safely home!!!!!!!!

The soldiers file into formation and the Commanding Officer fromCampPendletonwalks out to meet the Commanding Officer of the returning troops. Salutation are given and the words “Welcome Home Soldiers, You are DISMISSED” is followed by an unstoppable rush of people racing to greet their loved one. Hugs, kisses and tears of joy were in no short supply. We found our Marine and was she ever surprised to see us. She had no idea that we would be there. We cannot imagine not have been there and we want to thank our KLCE Family and friends for helping make it possible. Hope you enjoy the photos. We love you all. Again, Thanks so much!!!!

Curtis and Sheri Johnson and Family



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