When Did You Feel The Most Judged As A Mom

When did you feel the most judged as a mom?  Share your story with us here or call Mike & Liza at 6:45 tomor­row morning.

  • I con­firmed to a coworker that, yes, I was preg­nant again. It was my third(and last) preg­nancy and my fourth child (my old­est are twins). She said, ‘My good­ness! Don’t you know what birth con­trol is?’ What SHE didn’t know is that I have a cer­tain degree of infer­til­ity, and required treat­ment to con­ceive each of my preg­nan­cies.” — Kym­berli Barney
  • Peo­ple see me use a bot­tle for my son, despite them not know­ing he was 11 weeks early and unable to breast­feed. I pumped up until about a month ago and he still gets par­tial breast milk (I pumped & froze) with his pre­emie for­mula.” — Leslie Matteson
  • When I was preg­nant with my first child, I began hav­ing severe panic attacks. In a period of 72 hours, I got no more than 3 hours of sleep. I thought I was los­ing my mind and ended up in the ER. After much guilt and con­sul­ta­tion with sev­eral doc­tors, I decided to take med­i­cine. I was pre­scribed an anti-depressant to help with the panic attacks. They had me con­vinced that I was dam­ag­ing my unborn child. I would email my doc­tors con­stantly for reas­sur­ance.” — Unknown Mami
  • I had three kids, ages 2, 4, and 6. I was a com­plete mess try­ing to jug­gle preschool and kinder­garten and nap-time and dia­pers. I also had absolutely NO help and nobody ever offered to lend a hand. One day when I was tak­ing my youngest to preschool, she started cry­ing that she didn’t want to be there. I had no sleep the night before and was exhausted and couldn’t deal with her whin­ing. I ended up just pick­ing her up and tak­ing her home, telling the teacher that I wasn’t going to leave her there that day. I got the two youngest back in the car and yelled at the 4-year-old to put on her seat belt because she didn’t want to do it. Some­one heard me yelling at her and told the preschool direc­tor … who then went and told a bunch of other peo­ple she was going to call CPS on me.” — Car­olyn West
  • When I was really preg­nant with my sec­ond child, I was shop­ping with the first who is highly ADHD. In about two sec­onds, he stood up and flipped him­self out of the cart onto the cement floor. Peo­ple were look­ing at me like I was the devil. He was scream­ing his lungs out. I was sit­ting on the floor with him hug­ging him. Peo­ple were walk­ing by me mak­ing nasty com­ments about how I let him fall and I wasn’t watch­ing him.” — Mimi Dibble


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