Where Are The Huckleberries

Huckleberry Heart by John Ashley


Where are the huck­le­ber­ries?  We’re hear­ing the huck­le­ber­ries are ready for pick­ing.  Where do you go to pick huck­le­ber­ries?  Are you will­ing to tell us?

Here are the step by step instruc­tions for pick­ing huck­le­ber­ries, accord­ing to eHow.

  • Check out a gar­den­ing book from the library so that you will know what a huck­le­berry bush looks like. You can also visit web­sites with huck­le­berry pic­tures (see Resources).
  • Read a map and find a loca­tion in Idaho that is between 2,000 and 11,000 feet above sea level, which are the most likely ele­va­tions to find huck­le­ber­ries. The black huck­le­berry vari­ety is usu­ally found between 2,000 and 6,000 feet, while other vari­eties are at higher elevations.
  • Drive around until you find an open area of land with low-growing veg­e­ta­tion. Huck­le­berry bushes do not grow under trees and pre­fer full sun expo­sure. Accord­ing to the Wild Huck­le­berry web­site, some good loca­tions are areas where log­ging occurs and areas of pre­vi­ous con­trolled burns
  • Walk through the area and look for a medium-to-large size shrub that is 1 to 6 feet tall for black huck­le­ber­ries and up to 15 feet tall for other huck­le­berry vari­eties. The berries are round, approx­i­mately 1/2 inch in diam­e­ter and are either dark pur­ple or dark blue. The leaves of the bush will be a cop­per color at the tip.
  • Pick the huck­le­ber­ries off of the shrub using your fin­gers and put them into a plas­tic food stor­age con­tainer. Place a lid on top of the stor­age con­tainer and take the huck­le­ber­ries home.


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