Why You Should Take A Vacation

Family-Leisure-011Do you take all your vaca­tion days?  Are you under the impres­sion that tak­ing less days off than you’re allot­ted will show your boss what a great employee you are? Think again: New research shows that peo­ple who take all of their vaca­tion days get bet­ter per­for­mance reviews. We all know this intu­itively, that we are not per­form­ing at our best when exhausted. Tak­ing a break can bring you back and increase your per­for­mance. It’s also a good time to show your boss you can del­e­gate.  You can fea­ture mem­bers of your team and let your boss know you are a good leader with valu­able employ­ees back­ing you, and the com­pany, as a whole.


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