Would You Buy A Smartwatch

For­get bor­ing old phones and tablets. Smart­watches are the hottest trend in tech, and Sam­sung is jump­ing into the mar­ket with the new Galaxy Gear.

The $299 Gear watch is not a phone. Instead, it links up with Samsung’s Galaxy smart­phones and tablets to let users know when they receive a call, text mes­sage or e-mail.
Sam­sung co-CEO J.K. Shin unveiled the smart­watch at the IFA con­sumer tech con­fer­ence in Berlin on Wednes­day, and he said the Gear will begin ship­ping to 140 coun­tries on Sept. 25. The U.S. and Japan won’t get the Gear until Octo­ber.
Shin sported his own Gear, which includes a 1.63-inch watch face and runs on Google’s Android oper­at­ing sys­tem, dur­ing his brief dis­cus­sion of the new device. The watch strap is avail­able in sev­eral col­ors, from black to “oat­meal beige” to “wild orange.“
More details came out later in the event, when Pranav Mis­try — the head of Samsung’s think tank team — described how Sam­sung set out to cre­ate “some­thing out of sci-fi.“
Mis­try said Sam­sung focused on fea­tures that would let users keep their phones in their pock­ets, or avoid hav­ing to touch either the phone or the watch alto­gether. Users can make hands-free calls directly from the Gear, as well as dic­tate e-mail, set alarms and check the weather solely with their voices.
If an e-mail or text mes­sage is deemed too long to read on the Gear, users can sim­ply open their phones and a fea­ture called Smart Relay will dis­play on the screen what­ever was being viewed on the watch.
Mis­try also showed off how Gear users can “point your wrist and shoot” both video and pho­tos. Other fea­tures include a pedome­ter and an option to make the watch beep if it has been mis­placed.
At launch, more than 70 apps includ­ing eBay, Ever­note and Run­K­eeper are avail­able to down­load on the Gear.
Shin called the Gear a “per­fect com­pan­ion” to the Galaxy Note III smart­phone. Sam­sung also revealed the new Note III on Wednes­day, in addi­tion to a new Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet.
Like the Gear, both the new tablet and new smart­phone will also launch Sept. 25. The Gear will be com­pat­i­ble with only the Note III phone for now. Sam­sung said after the event that it couldn’t con­firm when or if other Galaxy devices will be compatible.


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