Giving back blood

Trick or Treat Street

Safe, non-scary Halloween event for your children 8 years old and under. Come in costume and trick or treat the RV’s decorated by local businesses lining Pier View Drive.


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The 2014 Classy 97 Cookbook

Share your recipe with us and you could make it into our 2014 Classy 97 Cookbook.

KLCE For The Cure

As one of the most prolific and frequently diagnosed diseases in North America, breast cancer is something every woman should be aware off.

Since We Got The Satellite dish.…Mama Aint Seen The Sky

Lifestyle Inter­est­ing what folks are watch­ing state to state.~ Scott read more

Whitney Houston Live Cd/DVD To Be Released.……

Lifestyle The release will fea­ture 16 live songs on CD and 19 per­for­mances on DVD. Mem­o­rable tracks will include “You Give Good Love” in a 1985 “Tonight Show” appear­ance;... read more

Halloween, Not Just For The Young Ones

Lifestyle I am Not sure what the appro­pri­ate cut off age for Trick Or Treat­ing. I would Be delighted to open my door to some of the more expe­ri­enced ones or... read more

Why So Fast ?

Lifestyle If You Look At Mod­ern Car Speedome­ters, You Will find some that can Hit 180 mph. What ? There isn’t a sin­gle stretch of high­way in the U.S. that you... read more

Why Should Your Town Be #1

Lifestyle Why should your town be The Most Excit­ing Place In Idaho?  Movoto pub­lished a list of the 10 most excit­ing places in Idaho and Pocatello was ranked #1.  We want... read more

Do You Have A Land Line

Lifestyle Do you have a land line? After years of just hav­ing a cell, Liza is going back to a home phone. Do you have a land line – tell us here and... read more

Homemade vs. Store Bought Costumes: What’s Better

Lifestyle   What’s bet­ter – home­made cos­tumes or store bought cos­tumes?  Liza wants to make some­thing fun and cre­ative and crafty – Mike wants to go to the store and buy an... read more

How Did Your Parents Embarrass You

Lifestyle How did your par­ents embar­rass you? We heard from Anna who’s Dad is embar­rass­ing her by call­ing wait­ers by name.  We can think of things that are way more embar­rass­ing than... read more

Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: Dad Is Too Familiar With Strangers

Lifestyle   Dear Mike & Liza, Going any­where with my dad is so humil­i­at­ing.  When­ever we go shop­ping, if some­one is wear­ing a name tag, my dad calls that per­son by name.... read more

Where Are The Idaho Ghosts & Monsters

Lifestyle   Where are the mon­sters and ghosts of Idaho?  Recently we’ve seen maps point­ing out the scary stuff in the Gem State.  Do you know of any mon­sters and ghosts around... read more
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