Get a $45 Mammogram this month

Love is the weapon that keeps us all fighting for the cure.

Classy 97's Teacher Feature

Is there a teacher that has had a positive impact on you or one of your children?

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Donut Feel Good

Enter to win 3 dozen donuts for your office. Delivered by Alisha Cherry this Friday, provided by Baker's Dozen.

Give Blood

Mike & Liza have personally donated over 3 gallons of blood to the Red Cross. Find out how to help.

Where’s The Best Place To Trick-Or-Treat In East Idaho

Lifestyle Where’s the best place to trick-or-treat in East Idaho? Is this like asking about your secret fishing hole? Will you reveal where you go for the best candy and treats? read more

Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: Door To Door Drama

Lifestyle Dear Mike & Liza, I have 2 little sisters that are 5 and 7 and they are so excited for Halloween! For some reason my parents have decided trick-or-treating is the... read more

Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: Hubby’s Hobby Just Bugs Her

Lifestyle Dear Mike & Liza, My husband regularly sells things on Facebook and Craigslist. Usually they are tools or car parts or things he has in the garage. Lately though he’s been... read more

In Which Generation Do You Belong

Lifestyle I found this article in the Atlantic Magazine about “which generation you belong in.” After a heated verbal discussion about it with an older friend. I was surprised to find... read more

What Did You Change For Your Partner

Lifestyle What did you change for your partner? Did you change your hair or lose weight or stop smoking? What did you change for your love and how do you feel... read more

Should Kids Watch The Debates

Lifestyle Should kids watch the debates? This political cycle has more than it’s fair share of salacious drama and colorful language. Are you letting your kids watch the debates? Parents watching Sunday... read more

Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: No More Chores

Lifestyle Dear Mike & Liza, My husband and I recently bought a house in the same neighborhood as my parents. Suddenly, they are not so subtly asking us to do chores for... read more

Should Hunting Pictures Be Banned On Social Media

Lifestyle Should hunting pictures be banned on social media? When a picture of your friend, proudly displaying a dead elk or deer, pops up on your Facebook or Instagram feed, do... read more

Do you Want To Live On Mars

Lifestyle Do you want to live on Mars? Billionaire tech entrepreneur Elon Musk says his space transport company, SpaceX, will build a rocket system capable of taking people to Mars and... read more

Mike & Liza’s Family Feud: The Hated Name Game

Lifestyle Dear Mike & Liza, Our son and daughter-in-law just had a beautiful baby boy and named him Charles after her father. Unfortunately my husband has a Charles in his past that... read more
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